If You Were Healthy

What would you do? Would you exercise? Go on an adventure? Finish your homework? Organize your self made chaos? Oh sorry…those were my thoughts. I have big goals that I’ve always held myself back from. If I was completely healthy I have a list of things to do. Now that I am on medication andContinue reading “If You Were Healthy”

OCD and Me

Did I lock the door? I need to checkIs that a new pimple? I need to get every pimple on my face offI know I just washed this shirt, but I don’t know how long it’s been on this dirty floor. Just going to wash it again. This might be a weird statement but…I loveContinue reading “OCD and Me”

Inner Time Consciousness

Part 1 Time, the healer and the killer Random Pinterest Post I am notorious at being late, no lie. I have not pinpointed the exact cause as to why I suck at this but it has wreaked havoc on my life. I have been fired, written up, scolded and slandered just like any other perpetuallyContinue reading “Inner Time Consciousness”

If I Had Known Then…

…what I know now…That little girl would not have been put into the situations she was, or made the choices she did. A common indication of Bipolar one and Bipolar two is hypersexuality, and now that I am diagnosed, I have been thinking a lot about past choices relating to this that caused even moreContinue reading “If I Had Known Then…”