A Journey Into Mental Health

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It’s been a while… I tend to fixate on something, go hard in the paint, then trickle off until it renews my interest. WordPress has became one of these fixations. So, Here I am, interest renewed. Hopefully yours is too. -Just a quick update- While I have been gone, I moved to my moms RV…

Personality Traits In Bipolar

Change is upon me. I am in a season of change, I can feel it creeping much like Winter to Spring. It’s time to really accept what I cannot change, move on and find what it means to be truly happy with the now. My mom has always said that I resist change. As I…


I feel good today, like I have figured out some crucial details of my life. Instead of getting a second job and figuring out care for my kiddo, I decided to try the RV Lifestyle. I’ll be able to save money for land one day and then build my dream home. That’s the goal at…

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