College Is Not For Me

I wish there was a relief for students with mental health. Like prove that you are diagnosed and show the school and bam all of the failures are knocked off your GPA.

You know what they say about wishes…wish in one hand and 💩 in the other see which one fills up faster.

I have tried and tried and tried with college yet I have failed repeatedly over the years. I have nothing to show from my time in the military except one deployment and some training. My plan out of high school was to get my masters in the military and then get out and grab that PhD. Becoming pregnant made me rethink the plan entirely. I really didn’t want to serve and leave my baby. And I really really didn’t want to raise my child away from its family.

So anyways here I am now with no degree and a child to feed and nourish and I ended up leaving all of my family anyways. Crazy how life works.

My choices led me to where I am though, good and bad, so I guess I can spend the next twenty years making better choices. On medication I have been able to complete my school work for my Bachelors in Psychology, so I am hoping this time I can get it done with the help of a little blue pill.

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2 thoughts on “College Is Not For Me

  1. Good for you:) Can’t you get any mental health accommodations to assist when having troubles or to make it a bit easier?


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