Motor Control

Why can’t I hold on to stuff?

Physically and mentally?

I think the other day I was talking to a coworker and grabbed something, only to drop it. I put it back, grabbed for it again, and knocked it over. It was a weird moment, honestly, but it got me to notice patterns where I am dropping random things all of the time.

I read an interesting website that explained that motor skills and brain chemistry go hand in hand. When the chemistry is off, the skills are upset as well.

Our findings show that approximately 60% of patients with bipolar disorder demonstrate significant impairments in the ability to maintain steady-state force or the ability to scale velocity with distance

The Journal of Neuropsychiatry

And speaking of mentally losing stuff:

My short term memory has been horrible lately. Like forget what I am doing constantly when I am trying to do one simple task. It has been upsetting me lately, but mainly because I feel like I am losing my mind. I am hearing things, seeing things, and feeling things and it’s all so overwhelming.

I attribute this to the dosage going up with Abilify. I spoke with a friend on it similar medication, and they said for the first few months they also experienced short term memory loss. They said it went away though, so here’s to hoping I see a break.

Article on Motor Skills and Bipolar:,both%20forms%20of%20motor%20impairment.

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