The Journey Begins

Midnight City by M83

Last Wednesday was an intense day, and since Christmas was right around the corner- I had other priorities to focus on before I could let it out.

I finally saw the psychiatrist!

I waited two months for this appointment because the VA is slow with everything, so it was nice to not miss this one. I tend to have an issue with showing up for appointments (even interviews) and not appear because I am having an anxiety attack about it. My brain makes it difficult to show up where I need to be on time to anywhere.
The appointment went very well. The professional listened to my concerns, spoke to me about what could be going on, and diagnosed me with-

Possible ADD

This was unfortunately their last day at work, so next time I see the Psychiatrist it will be a different person that I can go more in depth with and really pinpoint which Bipolar (I or II) and treat those symptoms before we move on to ADD. All in all I had felt heard, and proud of myself for being completely honest with a professional and actually get help.

They started me on Abilify and some anxiety medication I can take as needed. I was also also kept me on my antidepressant, Sertraline.
My first feeling was relief…like “ahhhh ok cool I wasn’t making that all up in my head.”
The second feeling was nervousness to start on medication. This begins the long journey to trying to find mental stability…

And this might take YEARS.

There’s no telling how my brain will react to new medication, but as long as I have the love and support that I have now, I think I will be ok and make it on the other side stronger and wiser.

Check out the following Links to read about Abilify and Sertraline!

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