What’s To Blame

The bipolar mind is fascinating. It literally is two: one good and one bad. Comedy and tragedy.

Crazy how I got a comedy and tragedy tattoo in my twenties but found out I was bipolar at 30.


I read this article today, https://pronghornpsych.com/how-does-bipolar-disorder-affect-the-brain/

The interesting takeaway I caught was that less grey matter than normal levels in the brain leads to impulsive, sometimes careless or thoughtless actions. Like the person could care less.

But is it not still…me? Like…I am still the one making the decisions…right? It’s really confusing because you can’t just blame the grey matter, you still have to take responsibility for your actions. So how do you control the impulses?

I think, for 2022, my goal will be to learn Impulse control. The VA offers impulse therapy so I’m checking that out. If you have read about impulse control, let me know in the comments! I don’t want to make these crazy decisions anymore.

Image URL: http://Glimmer of light by KlarEm on DeviantArt https://www.deviantart.com/klarem/art/Glimmer-of-light-808997372

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