Surface Pressure

It’s been a weird time for me lately.

I keep trying to “feel better” without much luck. One day I will give up a bad habit, and the next I am right back to it (like smoking cigarettes). My motivation levels are low, I avoid what brings joy to my life, and I cannot seem to get it together. Even writing this blog post is taking much longer than it did with previous posts.

So I am trying something different for today. Please enjoy this short story.

Her legs burned as she ran down the hall, but the fire inside of her did not allow for her to stop. Behind her was the nurse she pushed, his face beet red with anger as he shouted “Get her!”

Her mind told her to go. Surely she did not belong here. A psych ward? She was not crazy! The meltdown was not that bad, can’t a girl have a meltdown in a store and throw some things when her ex boyfriend calls her a bitch?!

Nothing made sense but this moment felt right- this freedom of running from her problems.

At the front door stood two gigantic humans, one male and one female. Arms crossed and expecting the girl. She screamed in frustration and caved to the ground, like her knees buckled and crumpled. “Was it fear?” She asked her legs.

It’s rejection.” Her inner thoughts replied.

As the two giants assisted her up and led her to the directors office, she couldn’t help but think that she’d rather be dead than deal with this son of a bitch.

“Christine, you can’t be doing this every day. We have already had this discussion. I’m adding one more week to your stay.” He coolly claimed as she sniffed back her tears.

This has happened before?” Christine wondered.

Oh, yeah…that time the nurse made a dumbass comment about her losing her way.

Why couldn’t she control herself?

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