I Can’t Handle Change

I used to make fun of the word “Triggered” and that’s probably why I have been triggered. Karma is the real Santa, she sees everything and brings it right back around with either a pleasant gift or a cruel bag of coal.

Bipolar Disorder comes with triggers like a bad buy one get one free deal. If we do not recognize the signs, it makes it difficult to function through the mood swings and ride the wave.

A trigger for me is moving and guess what my childhood was like?

I moved a lot.

My mom would joke that it takes me at least six months to get used to a new place, yet I moved every year almost. I went to four different high schools, several different middle schools and who knows what else. During my time in the military, I stayed in one spot for five years and back then I remember realizing that it was the first place I had stayed so long.

I am not saying this to talk mess about my parents, they did not know it was a trigger and I did not even know at the time. Nowadays, however, I can see that the six months of depression, confusion, starting over and all around depressive mess was too much for my Bipolar brain to handle. I am happy to be in the spot I will never leave though, that in itself is a huge blessing.

What are your triggers? Are you able to avoid them?

It is important for those with mental illness to identify their individuals triggers, even though it takes experience to do so. If we can see what is causing our spirals and if it is a controllable situation or not, we can harness a new type of control that will only improve with time- our thoughts and feelings.

We can do this, and we can lead positive lives.

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